Kimberly is a Timeline Trauma Release Facilitator Teacher Trainer and Speaker. She helps people to heal their Childhood & Sexual Trauma, Domestic Abuse, Grief, Loss Shame, and Sorrow. Using her signature techniques; Sexual de-Armouring, Soul Retrieval /Ancestral Timeline Healing in combination with Ho’oponopono Prayer -&- Breathwork including Energetic and Etheric Re-Booting and Integration of one’s self.

Kimberly also offers a large selection of free guided sessions located on her website.

Upcoming YouTube meditation channel to support people all over the world to shift away from toxic relationship dynamics and rewire for real heart-to-heart connections.

Kimberly is a Master Healer, Infinite Intuitive Guide ~Shaman &~Spiritual Medium, she is excited to share her knowledge from a place of heart-earned experience. With decades of teaching experience and of deep relationship work under her belt, she has what it takes to guide you onto a new timeline, full of abundance, love, and joy.

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Timeline Trauma Release


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