Kimberly had a Special Gift that allows her to Safely work through your chakra system, meridian’s and timeline your events that are cause of blockages and release the trapped energy that may be causing energy loss, grief, shame, fear to help transformation your Life in All Areas. The Beautiful thing is you don’t have to say a word…Trust the Process.

Kimberly’s process is always Divinely Guided with Compassion and Care

She only works with High Vibrational Spirit Guides releasing what no longer serves you.

Some areas of focus:

  • Are you Suffering from Adrenal Fatigue?
  • What is the root cause of Adrenal Fatigue? Pain and Suffering? Our Life’s Purpose, Soul Journey, Lessons Learned…
  • Why the Held pain and suffering,Loss, Grief, Pain and Sorrow

Adrenal fatigue:

It is thought to occur when the adrenals have been overworked to a degree that they can no longer secrete levels of cortisol that are adequate for optimal function. Potential stressors include environmental and dietary influences, as well as anxiety and emotional stresses.

Energy Loss: does someone have my energy trapped somewhere?

Ever wonder what your Life purpose is?  Why did you go through such Horrific experiences?
Is this a Spiritual Journey? Do you feel stuck? Lost, Have Depression and Anxiety? This may be trapped energy.


Timeline Transformation is here to assist you along your journey of Peace, Prosperity, and Unconditional Love.

Stages of Trauma Finding your Soul’s Inner Peace

Life Is a beautiful, amazing journey, but sometimes bad things happen that can overwhelm us, shock our systems and turn our natural survival response systems into overdrive. Trauma can shock the brain, stun the mind and freeze the body. Our bodies are designed to heal but sometimes the overwhelming experience of trauma feels too great or there has been too much of an accumulation of different traumatic events over the course of a life time that people need help.

Kimberly has an innate ability to help release the trauma so that you can feel happy and whole again. If you have experienced something in life that has deeply affected you such as child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, divorce, loss of a loved one or have experienced a life threatening event I can help you. I get to the Core not by asking you to tell me, I feel into what your body is telling it is ready to Release.

This is done Safety and will Stabilize you quickly.  Each person will feel empowered.

It’s important for self care, as well, after I tap into your inner strengths and share some important resources for healing. You will learn to regulate one’s emotions, and learn to manage painful and unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is not about discussing and processing of the traumatic memories, but instead creating a road map and strengthening the person along the process for greater healing and balance mourning lost time sometime comes up, but you quickly “feel” more whole so that dissipatess as you become balanced and life resumes more peacefully and live joyously.

We work through grief and mourn for what was lost in a person’s life due to trauma. This Divine Experience will transform the traumatic memories into a Happy Space, Building upon positive beliefs of self worth which spontaneously occur in the healing process.

Your life will build upon newly emerging positive healthy beliefs of self. Imagine experiencing life in a new way including connecting with others and engaging in meaningful activities and life experiences including Unconditional Love, Peace and Joy!

This Rapid Healing is effective for healing from distressing memories and traumatic events. You do not have to live in pain and feel that your life has been halted along your journey.


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“Hello Kimberly,

I saw you a few weeks ago for a reiki session and it was lovely and very helpful. Im wondering if you do energy work for children? My son is 10 and I am interested in a session for him. He is Autistic, I believe you mentioned he has special gifts to offer this world .



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